Self-Critique of Solid, Lines, and Planes

For my final project I had to create a design that included solids, lines, and planes. My initial designs were very similar to my final design. I had a plane falling over a solid, compressing the solid until it breaks. The plane stretched or broken helped complete the required elements. I tossed this concept aside because I felt it was too simple.

The next several concepts were over-complicated and tried to cram too many principles into one piece. This has been something I have struggled with in each assignment in this class. For these designs, I had a plane that was intersected by a solid stretched to create tension and twisted to create torque. Unfortunately, this didn’t offer any reason for the concepts to be employed, they just simply were. It took a lot of sketching and trying things out before I was able to make a decision on what I was going to do.

My final concept was similar to my first project idea. Instead of a plane, I went back to the hooked line of my lines project. In this instance, the line is not only curving but also breaking due to the tension caused by the impact of the lined sphere. I chose a pyramid as the solid. Rather than simply crushing it beneath the compression of the line landing on it, it broke and caused some torsion. This added an interesting variety to the movement of the piece. In my maquette I used foam, foam core board, and round reed. The round reed created a new form of tension and torque. The reeds are very springy. They bend but pull themselves back into their original shape quite forcefully. When added to the hooked line, they forced the line to twist and break while distorting the shape of the sphere bending it as though compressed.


I had some difficulty in deciding on a medium to use. Initially I wanted to try wood but I was unsure how I would give the appearance that the line was broken but still hanging together seemingly by a thread. I attempted foam for the maquette but tension from the round reed caused to rip apart more than I wanted. In the end, I went with a combination of foam core and foam.


My final design turned out okay. I feel like I should have made it on a much larger scale. The final piece, in the scale I used, felt like a maquette rather than the form I wanted. Given more time and the removing the stress of finals week, I think I would have changed the base plane away from the large square and made it into an elongated rectangle that extended diagonally to the project to support the end of the hook, the pyramid, and the plane that supported the hook. I believe this would have better integrated the base to make it feel like part of the piece rather something to hold it all together.


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