lines 1.1

When I started this project, I found myself struggling with it. I began with a very complex piece with multiple implied shapes and planes. The first one was made of jewelry wire but I was unhappy with the way the wire wrapped to create the parts of the shape. I created several different versions after that but finally settled on a very simple piece.

After making up several maquettes I sat down and began thinking about what lines felt like to me. It boiled down to simplicity. A line is simple and clean. I also wanted to create movement and interaction between the aspects of line, solid, and plane. I took the idea of two parallel lines and thought about what would happen if a sphere impacted with a line. I asked myself how the sphere would change the line. My final maquette was made from foam and round reed(the kind used in baskets).  lines maquette 1lines maquette 2

The maquette was difficult due to the material. I was cutting it in such a way that it broke very easily. My final piece was drawn on the wood from the broken pieces of this maquette.



lines 3.1

I made this piece unique in the round by making the lines perpendicular to each other rather than parallel. I made sure to give each line its own movement and direction. The place where the sphere impacted the line curves around the sphere. If I do this project again, I would make more hierarchy between the thin lines of the sphere.

lines 2.1

In the end, I needed to make the different kinds of wood match to make it monochromatic. I thought we could use any color as long as it was all the same. I chose red simply because that is what I had available. When I turned this project in, I was concerned that it was too simple compared to all of the other submissions. The final issue that I ran into was fixing the photos. I don’t have much experience with photoshop. My first attempt turned out looking patterned. It looked interesting but distracted from the piece. With the help of some friends, they steered me to the correct tool.


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