This assignment was the least and the most difficult. As usual, I found hierarchy to be the most difficult but most important aspect of the piece. I chose to go with a large main platform. I feel like this could be a default but I like the way this piece looks with the larger platform. The vertical and horizontal upright planes depict both open and closed spaces by using attitude to the base platform and each other. There is hierarchy in their heights since the first is short and long while the second (interior) one is tall and narrow. The upper platform is between them in size. It sits about 2/3 of the way up the vertical upright. For hole placement I decided to add it to the upper platform. It’s attitude mimics the attitude shown below by the two uprights. Two corners of the hole (across the square) run parallel to the base platform.

The biggest difficulty I had in the creation of this project  was getting the uprights to stand at 90 degrees. It was something that I never quite achieved. The next difficulty was one  of my own making. I was concerned about the paper edges and used a water based mod podge on one side of the platforms. Due to a last minute rebuild I only used it on one side. If I do this assignment again I will use balsa or some other wood to do it.


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